World's First Visual Kitchen Composter

Fast Pre-Compost in 2Hrs | 90% Volume Reduction | Visible Tilt Design | Ultrahigh Temperature Sterilization | Security Lock

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90% Volume Reduction

*Ultrahigh Temperature Sterilization Technology
*Patented blade smashes trash easily
*Up to 90% volume optimization
*The 2L capacity can easily meet the kitchen waste for a family of three and 3 meals

Fast Pre-Compost in 2Hrs

*Offer 9 modes to deal with different scenarios
*Quick Mode:Rapid pre-composting 500ml of food waste in 2 hours.
*Ferment Mode: Turn the balance food waste into fertilizer.

Visualization and Tilt Design

*Visual double insulated glass cover
*Ergonomic tilt design
*Real-time LCD display with remaining working time
 You can be the part of entire processing cycle.

No more kitchen waste odor

Powerful deodorization function - multiple high-quality carbon packs, easy to replace.

Dishwasher Safe

The inner cylinder is made of stainless steel - easy to clean and can be used for dishwasher.

Quieter than common household appliances - only 35dB

Child lock safety

Stops when the cover is opened.

A wide variety of daily kitchen waste can be added

Degradable plastics| Paper product| Fruit peels| Vegetable leaves| Fallen leaves| Twigs| Coffee grounds| Egg shells| Pasta