How Does Cavdle Cycle Work?

What is compost?

Composting is a process in which aerobic microorganisms decompose and ferment organic matter to form stable humus.

Why is composting better than using chemical fertilizers?

The raw materials of compost come from nature and contain the more comprehensive mineral elements, humus, microorganisms and trace elements needed by plants. Chemical fertilizers are generally dominated by three elements, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and there may be chemical pollutants. Composting kitchen and garden waste from everyday households not only reduce carbon footprint and waste disposal costs, but also produces better quality and safer fertilizers.

What are the 5 elements of traditional successful composting?

1-Organic matter with a reasonable carbon-nitrogen ratio, generally in the range of 25:1 to 30:1.

2-60% of the best humidity, the most suitable for microbial reproduction.

3- Proper oxygen and ventilation conditions prevent anaerobic fermentation from producing foul odors.

4- The temperature suitable for the reproduction of various microorganisms is slightly higher, and the fermentation is faster.

5- 3-8 months per year.

How does Cavdle Cycle provide a safe/easy/fast solution to home composting?


Cavdle Cycle has three preset programs: Fast, Standard and Fermentation. Kitchen waste is exposed to perfectly balanced humidity, temperature and oxygen levels to accelerate natural decomposition.

Disadvantage of traditional composting 1:

The material is not fragmented enough, resulting in slow microbial decomposition, and composting generally takes months or even a year. Due to the presence of germs and insect eggs in the material, when the fermentation temperature is low, the composting fails or the fertilizer is harmful to the plant.

Solution-1 provided by Cavdle Cycle:

The fast mode will produce enough crushed and 140 degree high temperature insecticidal sterilized pre-compost material to help fast fermentation and not be plagued by pests.


Disadvantages of traditional composting - 2:

You may need a wide yard and a huge compost bin. In order to ensure the fermentation of microorganisms, composting requires sunny weather and high temperatures in spring and summer. In winter, the microorganisms basically stop fermenting and cannot produce fertilizer.

Solution-2 provided by Cavdle Cycle:

You can do quick composting in small batches indoors.

In the fermentation mode, you only need to put in organic matter with a reasonable C/N ratio (25:1-30:1), and the built-in program will automatically adjust to the appropriate temperature and humidity, so that microorganisms can multiply in a short period of time. This allows you to compost anytime, anywhere, regardless of season and space.


Disadvantages of traditional composting - 3:

Traditional composting requires frequent turning of the material to inhibit the growth of anaerobic microorganisms. It is well known that the proliferation of anaerobic microorganisms can bring bad odors, mainly including ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. These gases are harmful to the human body, especially the elderly and children.

Solution-3 provided by Cavdle Cycle:

The Cavdle Cycle circulates air through a bottom fan and a built-in activated carbon box. Not only can it provide suitable oxygen concentration for microbial reproduction to reduce the generation of odor, but also filter a small amount of harmful gas generated during the composting process.


Cavdle's philosophy is to incorporate environmental actions into everyday life, such as turning food waste into the best fertilizer for plants, to create a sustainable future with children.

The Cavdle Cycle is an electric composter that breaks down food scraps into dirt in less than a full day. But it's not a complete replacement for backyard compost, but an excellent alternative to landfill.

Whether you should buy a Cavdle Cycle depends on your housing situation, personal needs and current composting solutions. We believe that there is no best product in the world, only the most suitable product for you, and everyone should have more choices.